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December 2023- ANY Team Shootout

Sun, Dec 17, 2023
Around the Post Erie, PA

Players registered

This is an "any team" shootout so any type of team is accepted (Mens, Womens or Mixed).


Around the Post (2660 W, Zuck Rd, Erie, PA 16506)
Indoor Pickleball facility with 4 permanent pickleball courts and Tennis facility with hardcourt tennis surface (2 courts with painted lines, the remaining courts will have taped lines).


All divisions start play at 1pm.
Check-in begins at 12:30 pm (PLEASE arrive no later than 12:45 pm).


$30 per person. Everyone is required to register and pay online. If you have not fully paid for your registration by the registration deadline, we will move a team from the waitlist into your spot.


Franklin X-40 ball (yellow) will be used for all divisions. We will provide brand new balls to be used for the shootout.


Semi-permanent (Douglas cabled nets), Portable (PickleNet Deluxe, Swiftnet)

Food / Drink

We would ask that you bring your own water bottle.  A water fountain is available. Feel free to bring your own sports drinks, you can put them in the fridge in the ATP lobby. No sports drinks are allowed on the courts, water only.

Please bring any snacks that you may want while you are playing.  We will bring in pizza toward the end of the event. No food is allowed on the courts, please remain in the ATP lobby while eating.


Restroom is available in the ATP lobby.

Playing Format

Round robin stage followed by semifinal and final matches. There will be a medal for the winning and runner-up teams in each division. Check your division page for details.

For games to 15, teams will switch sides when either team reaches 8 points.  For games to 11, teams will switch sides when either team reaches 6 points.

Each team will be allowed one timeout per game (one minute).

All other IFP/USAPA Rules will be in effect.


There will not be referees during the matches.  You will referee your own matches.  We expect good sportsmanship at all times in this area.

Guidelines for calls:  line calls should be made by team receiving the ball, and should only be called out if the ball is clearly seen as out.  If a player is unsure of the call, they should assume the ball was in, and continue playing.  If the hitting team sees a ball out, they can also call it out on themselves.  Either team can make calls on service faults or non-volley zone faults, and the hitting team is expected to call faults on themselves or their partner.

We appreciate your help to make this event a fun experience.  If there are any problems, players involved may be disqualified from participating in future Around the Post Shootouts events.